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Hi there !

These are some sketches for some “rovers” supposed to examine far worlds sending the info to Earth . This is a team of 3 rovers capable of doing pretty much all kinds of exploratory work on a planet we’ve never set a foot on yet 🙂





Concept details

Hello guys and welcome to the Space Book’s blog!

Here you will be able to see the whole process of creating the book step by step , from start to finish – everything. Here you will find sketches, some curious info about the book and space in general, cool videos, and pretty much everything that has to do with us working on the project!  Yes the project! Here is some info just to get you in the loop! Hope you enjoy it!


After launching the biggest space educational program in Eastern Europe – Space Challenges ( and uniting leading specialists from around the Globe into this multidisciplinary initiative we realized that we could bring Space even closer to many young people who have never had access to such education.It became obvious that an enormous number of young people, especially outside of US, have never had the opportunity to read a well written and accessible book about space. Therefore, the concept for creating an interactive book came about somewhat naturally.


The Space Book is envisioned as a hybrid between art and science with multidisciplinary content, which will bring our universe closer to thousands of young people.

This will be an illustrated, up-to-date, full-length book with multiple graphics.  It should become the ultimate guide to space science and technology, combining the knowledge of many leading scientists and technologists with the sci-fi visions of talented young illustrators.

Guess what – it happens in SPACE…

Many young people grow up without ever understanding how essential space is for modern society. Just image our life without telecommunication, navigation, or Earth observation services. Most of us underappreciate the importance of space exploration for the development of humanity due to lack of information. Our book’s main aim is to inspire the curiosity and the imagination of many young people and to educate them about space.

The Space Book will inspire, entertain, and challenge the minds of the young people by opening a new vast horizon. It will also popularize the work of thousands of scientists and give credit to their achievements.


We have chosen to present the technical development of humanity in a different and entertaining way where science meets and fuses with art. The book and the app(YEAH!THERE WILL BE AN APP !) will offer information about:

  • Space science
  • Space missions and human spaceflight
  • Space technologies and engineering
  • Artificial intelligence and robotics
  • Search for extraterrestrial life forms
  • Space policy and law
  • Future studies and forecasting

The app will be free and accessible. It will offer you the chance to participate in open discussions on all topics relevant to Space. Furthermore, we aim at distributing copies of the book free of charge in as many high schools and colleges around the world as possible.

For the people without an ipad, there will be a free PDF version. If we raise enough funds, we will also launch the project for other platforms like Android – this way anyone with an Internet connection would be able to access the content, read it, learn, and participate in open discussions.

Now that you know the plan get ready to set off  with us on our quest – Creating the Ultimate Space Book!

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