The Team

This is The team :

Raycho Raychev

RAYCHO RAYCHEV – Space Book Project Chief Designer

Works as Director of Space Challenges Program, Co-founder – Association Tsiolkovsky,

National Point of Contact – Space Generation Advisory Council

Created the biggest space outreach initiative in Bulgaria – Space Challenges Program ( and coordinates the efforts of creating permanent space-related and high-tech education in the country. Co-founder of Association Tsiolkovsky ( – a successful NGO organization helping hundreds of young people around the World. After more than 7 years of hard work and investments (2004 -2011) the organization has completed successfully more than 45 international projects. He has worked at the Brazilian Space Research Institute in Sao Jose dos Campos, performing feasibility studies and marketing research and at the Bulgarian Institute for Space and Solar –Terrestrial Research as a consultant in the field of international relations. His education is diverse – Bachelor Degree in History Studies at Sofia University, History of International Relations at University of Seville, Master of Sciences – Space Management at the International Space University.

In 2010 he took part in the leading NASA program for exponential technologies at NASA Ames Research Center – Singularity University. He was a team member of the biotechnology team – creating new designs for biosatellites in Low-Earth orbit.

As of 2011, he is finishing his space related PhD at the Bulgarian Institute for Space and Solar-Terrestrial Research.

On January 2011, he was nominated as National Point of Contact at Space Generation Advisory Council, Vienna – Austria.

Currently his interests are oriented towards the creation of permanent space education in Bulgaria. He is also engaged in the development of new type of high-tech laboratories in support of the educational program.

Pol Novell

POL NOVELL – Space Book Project IT Coordinator

Works as International Relations Director – Space Challenges Program

Pol Novell is a Telecommunications engineer. He has combined the ability to see details with a Master of Sciences in Space Management at the International Space University. Mr. Novell has worked with Academia, Industry, Public administration and NGO’s in different countries such as Spain, France, Bulgaria, Brazil, and F. Guiana.

During 18 months, he has been affiliated with CNES assigned at Europe’s Space Port in French Guiana. His role as part of the Telecommunications Department was to assure and guarantee the operational state of all ground IT infrastructure of the launch pads of Ariane-5, Soyuz and Vega rockets.

As member of Association Tsiolkovsky, he has coordinated international youth activities in French Guiana such as professional visits at the European Space Center facilities, educational sessions with space professionals and field trips.

As of March 2011, he is the chosen candidate to coordinate logistics for the Galileo launch campaigns at the European Space Agency. Currently, he is coordinating space projects for the European space program.

Lauren Fletcher – Atmospheric, Oceanic and Planetary Physics at University of Oxford

Lauren started his career with NASA by following his fascination and dreams, as he hopes many of you will be able to do. He started as an undergraduate working as an intern, sometimes unpaid, at the Johnson Space Center in Texas on the biomechanical design of tools for use by the Astronauts. After two summers of long hours and a lot of fun he graduated and went to work full time as the manager of NASA’s test facility for all lights used in U.S. space programs which included a key role in the first U.S. Shuttle docking mission with the MIR Space Station.

He then moved to the NASA Ames Research Center in California where he served as a systems engineer qualifying all equipment developed at Ames for use on the Space Shuttle flight, STS-90. Following this flight, he took on the job of a Senior Systems Engineer representing NASA Ames in the technical requirements and development of all non-human life sciences research hardware for the International Space Station including a biological hazards glove box, a 2.5 meter centrifuge, habitats for bugs, plants, and rodents, and the Module. Sadly, this program was cancelled (the reality is that good programs get cancelled because of money limitations!), so he has been working in Astrobiology for the search for Life beyond Earth since 2003.

He is currently reading for a doctorate at the University of Oxford in England, and his research focuses on the development of new sensor technologies as part of the search for life on Mars and other planets using terrestrial extreme environments in Peru, Chile, Africa, Iceland and Antarctica as analogs to the harsh environment of Mars. His areas of expertise include: Environmental bio-technology and biological sciences, systems engineering and space systems, physics, environmental engineering and sciences, planetary sciences, education and outreach, and global challenges in Latin America.

Kip Stringfellow

Kip Stringfellow – Space Book Project Coordinator
Works as Dir. Business Development at Singularity University, NASA Ames Research CenterKip Stringfellow believes in the power of entrepreneurship to solve global challenges. He currently is Director of Business Development at Singularity University where he develops partnerships, creates new programs, and coordinates SU’s Global Impact Competitions. Prior to joining SU in 2009, he lived in China where he worked in marketing consulting and also started several businesses as an entrepreneur.

Kip is a graduate of the University of Michigan where his main focus was studying the process of globalization through economic, historical, political, and cultural contexts. He is very interested in global trends and understanding what factors are shaping the future. He is passionate about developing ideas, projects, and businesses that aim to create positive impact on an international level.

Email: kip (at)

Andrey Stefanov

Andrey Stefanov – Spacebook Illustrator – works as a freelance Illustrator
Andrey is a young freelance Illustrator who loves the beauty of arts. One of his believes is that “drawing your imagination” is the way to answer ones questions and get to know yourself better. His background is Theater – a recent graduate of the NBUniversity – A bachelor degree on Stage and Costume Design , Illustration and Traditional Printing as a second specialty. During his time at the university he takes part in several expositions with his illustrations and works in the commercial and theater stage as a costume and stage designer. After getting his degree he ends up a freelance illustrator and concept artist with a huge love for fantasy and sci-fi topics. Stage and costume design are the hobbies which he practices in every moment possible.

Velislav Ivanov

Velislav Ivanov – Space Book illustrator

Velislav Ivanov is concept artist, creating environments for the Space Book project. He is an art director at Eagle Animations Studio. His work involves creating concepts and environments for an up-coming TV Animated Series.
After six years of working as a graphic designer, he made the transition to full-time freelance career.
His versatile style of drawing helps him create from cartoony to fully rendered photorealistic paintings.
Velislav have solid perception about the world, the arts and our universe, that reflects on his rich imagination. The constant need to go deeper into the emotions born from the long hours of painting the canvas had made him an exceptional artist with wide variety of “brushes” up his sleeves.

Elitsa Gotseva

Raycho, Pol,Kip and Elitsa are the people organizing and making this project happen, while Veli and Andrey are taking care of the artwork content in the book!

You can contact us by writing here on the blog or on our e-mails (linked)

Thank you !


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